Portogruaro-Caorle Station
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How to find us


Interporto of Portogruaro is localized in the Industrial zone of the City of Portogruaro, with the confluence of the railway lines Bologna-Padova - Venice-Trieste (Villa Opicina - Gorizia - Tarvisio) and Trieste - Portogruaro - Treviso - Vicenza - Milano.

The connection to the railway net is assured from one dorsal that connects the terminal to the station of Portogruaro. The connection is managed on it's own from the Interporto Company.

The connection to the highway net is assured through the casello of long Portogruaro To A4 Trieste-Venice-Verona-Milan and with the 28 entrance of To Portgruaro-Pordenone.

Interporto is excellently situated in ordinary roads network on eastern Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia.

This favourable geographic position assents to have effective and expresses road and railway connections:

  • The eastern border transits (Villa Opicina, Gorizia, Tarvisio)
  • The Ports of the high Adriatic Venice, Chioggia, S.Giorgio di Nogaro, Monfalcone, Trieste, Capodistria
  • The Interports of Padova, Venezia, Verona and Cervignano
  • The Logistic districts and the main industrial and handicraft takeovers of the north-east